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What is behind all of these older women seducing young teenage boys?

From the desk of Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr. Nov. 23, 2005
I. What is behind all of these older women seducing young teenage boys?
Folks, I'm a self-made writer and by being basically uneducated I don't know the thoughts of many great thinkers. I mainly write my own creative observations derived from deep down in my sole. Some of my writing is just shooting from the hip to create a shock effect.

But, I do believe and mean most of what I write, It's just that I hope I'm wrong about what could be a dire future for this nation. Every great thinker with wisdom will tell you man always has a choice in predicting his future by the choices he makes. Now, concerning the subject, there use to be some validity to the old saying that "Women give sex to get love, and men give love to get sex."

Back when that saying came about women "Needed" love from a man to survive, especially while they were having babies. That "Need" no longer applies. However, I'm sure there was and still is a lot of lust and other trade offs in-between. But, the real fact is "A survival need" is really the glue that holds any society together through hard and tough times. Mother Nature and natural selection all use "A survival need" to determine what survives in the final analysis.

When any society gets too far out on the limb of surviving on what it wants instead of what it "Needs," it is in trouble. In terms of survival there is a world of difference between what we want and what we "Need." What we are seeing now is only the tip of the iceberg on what is coming concerning the breakdown of moral and family values.

Before the age of nuclear weapons and the fear of mutual destruction if a country's moral decay sunk to a certain low the country would probably be conquered. But, now, with the fear of mutual destruction there is no threat of being conquered or a limit to how low moral decay can sink. Now, only the limit of one's imagination is how far moral decay can sink and that is infinite. All of that aside, my gut feeling is, Mother Nature is about to step in.

When Mother Nature steps in it mean only raw physical power and strength will rule, nothing else will matter. This liberal welfare state have destroyed our culture, our moral and family values, our manufacturing base, our emergency fall back capacity to barter, and our means to survive as a free nation when this insane global economy collapses. I may be the one that is the fool, but to me globalization is a fool’s game.

The only way I see successful globalization is through ruthless domination, otherwise human nature will never exercise complete honesty and fair play. In my view only divine intervention will save this great, great nation. Our grace period of over four generations is over. I believe we are now living on borrowed time. There is a divine reason why a seemingly unqualified writer like me has come out of the woodworks to sound the alarm.

Now, back to the subject, that old saying that "Women give sex to get love" definitely need modifying. Since this sugar daddy welfare state came about a woman don't "Need" a man for love, sex, or survival. That is why some chooses to get their sex and love from wherever or from whomever they please. Age or gender doesn't matter to them. Without a survival need not to, people are going to do what they want to.

For every one seducing case we know about, there are probably a hundred never reported. As for myself, I'm just going to keeping on sounding the same alarm, privatize, and get the government the hell out of the social and family provider business, otherwise western civilization goes down the tube, period. This phenomenon life force of "Need" is not science fiction; it is a reality of nature and time.

When we look at the raw violent killing needed to survive in nature, we forget that we also are animals and are bound by the same laws of nature. Sure, we have the ability to reason and think and are less govern by instinct. But, the only thing that keeps humans from acting like wild animals is our rules and laws and the ability to enforce them. In the eyes of nature anything that is not needed to survive becomes less and less important and over time Mother Nature works to get rid of it.

When hard times come there must be a real "survival need" that binds men and women to each other or society will have to be rebuilt from scratch amid chaos. May the grace of God bless and save this great nation.

From the desk of Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr. Nov. 21, 2005
I. The hidden reason why the liberals are in a panic to “High tail it" out of Iraq?

First, I want to express my personal views on liberalism. True, the word liberal has become unpopular to many nowadays. I feel a few are jumping on the bandwagon and using demagogy against the liberals for self serving reason. I may not agree with the liberal mentality, but I feel we are all good Americans. Sure, I view the liberal outlook and mentality as shallow but nothing that is set in stone.

Plus, I'm one that never forgets that there are still conservative democrats, they just have been pushed aside. Many liberals have been converted overnight to conservatives when a criminal slapped them upside the head and robbed them or burglarized their home. A hundred years ago probably the only place you could find a liberal would be in a rich family or on a college campus. My own view of a liberal is someone that has a weak survival instinct due to a lack of real or imposed hardship and struggle.

I believe to build the best character in a human being there must be some real or imposed hardship and struggle in one's life. People of old never forgot to adhere to this wisdom. Why do you think the best sport teams always impose hardship and struggle in the form of tough training? It is the same for building the necessary character to produce productive citizens that will assure survival of a nation or civilization.

Just because one says he is a conservative doesn't make it so. In my view it boils down to wisdom. I believe the only way to tell the different between a liberal and a conservative is their wisdom. In my view liberals have weak survival instincts that give them trouble recognizing real threats to survival. Whereas, true conservatives almost instinctively will recognizes moral and other threat to survival.

No one has to tell a genuine conservative that abortions are a threat to the survival of future generations. The germs, the bugs, and everything else are constantly evolving and there is no possible way for us to keep up except through procreation, period. Today's masses of liberals created by our welfare state have a problem recognizing moral or any threat facing this great nation.

Now, about the liberals hidden agenda that I believe is fueling this ferocious uncontrolled desire to "high tail it" out of Iraq. It grates on the nerves of every American and no American wants to see our boys die over there. But still, I couldn't understand the liberal’s insane panic to flee at any cost. Then! It hit me like a ton of bricks. Whoa, there must be more here than meets the eye.

With the all volunteer force the liberals don't have to worry about their kids being sent over there, so, what could it be? There must be a bigger reason for this sheer panic. Then, wham! The knockout punch hit me, right smack dab between the eyes and floored me. My God! It’s the old "Guns or butter" theory raisin from the grave to haunt the liberals. It must be shot with a silver bullet or a stake driven through its heart.

Sure, the liberals care about the lost of life over there, but, what really brought on all of this panic is the liberals fear of the war's cost. What is the one thing that they fear more than anything else? What could be so important that they are in a panic and feel this war must end no matter the consequences? That one thing is: "The nightmare of the welfare state being dismantled." "Hell no we won't let it go." "Hell no we won't let it go." "Hell no we won’t let it go."

To the liberals, war or no war the welfare state is their God and it must be preserved at all cost, period. The cost of this war threatens the welfare state more than anything else in the eyes of the liberals. May the grace of God bless and save this great nation.

From the desk of Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr. Nov. 14, 2005
I. Please say it ain't so?

I hope its not so, but, I can't honestly say it ain't so. What I am talking about is, will western culture and civilization go down the tube? In my view I don't think Western Europe or the U.S. Will ever do the one and only thing that I think will save western culture and civilization. Throughout my writing I have preached and preached about the one and only thing in my view that will save western culture and civilization.

That one thing is: Privatize and get the government the hell out of the social and family provider business, now, not tomorrow, not next week, not next year, now, now, now. I don't believe anything else will turn the tide. I hear all of the talk about immigration and other stuff. It is mostly all talk because there are no real teeth or bite in it. It is really like trying to put out a barn fire with a garden hose.

Except for their vote the people don't have any real clout any more. Big government has the real clout and big government is only going to do what is in its own self interest, period. The peoples voting power is not going to force the issue because government dependents are not going to bite the hand that feeds them. Folks, you may not agree with me but that is the way I see it. I'm just a self-made writer with my one man opinion.

My view on this whole culture war is maybe it wouldn't be the worst thing that could happen if the whole matter came to a head. Which is better to die a fast death or a slow death? Neither should be the case if this is the great country that I think it is. Maybe the people will wake up and wise up if they are scared straight. Things ain't always what they seem, just like everything that glitters is not gold.

The general public doesn't have a clue to how and why a free market economy works. That is why the liberals can fool a lot of people when they get in power. The first thing the liberals are going to do whenever they do get back in power is, sock it to the rich and raise taxes, then, greatly increase construction and social spending. It's the same old saw and it works, it really does boom the economy for five or six years at a time, just like pouring gas on a fire.

To the unwise the boom is proof enough; they have no idea that that kind of a boom will destroy our culture and moral values in the long run. They have no idea that what kept the liberals in power for forty years created our welfare state. They have no idea that our welfare state has all but destroyed our culture and means to survive when hard times come. The liberals have been so successful with this technique that it has created a blind loyalty in some minorities.

But, I'm not sure this technique is going to work in the future because there must be a limit to how high taxes can be raised. Now, we know the liberals are likely to bring things to a head much faster, but, is it any better to keep expanding big government drip by drip slowly draining any hope of a long life for this great nation? I say to hell with big liberal media and superficial opinion polls. "Damn the torpedo's, full steam straight ahead."

Let the chips fall where they may. What this country really need is more true statesmen's that will go down with what they feel will save this great country. In my own way I feel I am doing my duty to the best of my ability. I know what the stakes and risk are. But, to shut up and go away is not an option. I must do the little bit I can to help save this great, great nation.
From the desk of Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr. November 06, 2005.
Is this "Gotcha you" mentality going on just a more sinister version of "Blame game" politics?

There is blood in the water and the sharks are circling. I liked it so much better when the law was plain and simple, where everyone could understand it, like the Ten Commandments. The law is for every citizen and should be understood by every citizen, not seized and put in some mombo jumbo legal jargon beyond the understanding of the average citizen.

The U.S. Constitution is in plain English where every citizen can understand it; you don't need a law degree to know what it says and to know it's not to be changed with age. THe amendment process is provided to make any changes needed with age, period. What really opened my eyes was when "Due process" flat out cold blood murdered that innocent brain damaged lady right in our face before the whole world.

My God! What arrogance and raw power! In my view, "Due process" and much about the law has become an overpowering dictatorial authority in itself with the innocent becoming the sacrificial lamb. You may not have liked the old blue laws but at least they were in plain language that you could understand and know what to expect. But now, tort law is out of control, and is taking the medical professional and anybody with deep pockets to the cleaners.

Any and everybody with something to lose is a target. It is a lose, lose situation, even if you win the case you can end up broke and your life's savings gone. Whatever happens to "To err is human?" Whatever happens to Christian love and forgiveness that brought western civilization out of the dark ages? Whatever happens to sometimes giving up a right for a wrong? Where is the wisdom that knows a divided house is cannot stand.

Never forget, the law is never about nothing, the law is always serious because we are a nation ruled by law no matter the circumstance. No one is above or beyond the law in this country. Lord, I ask in your name, please have mercy on the United States of America.

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